Simultaneously live streamed from four locations around the world, the MoonBoard Masters 2017 pitched five teams against each other in a battle of strength, skill, and creativity...

Sheffield, UK || New York, USA || Barcelona, SPAIN || Osaka, JAPAN

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The Foundry
Sheffield, UK



The Cliffs
New York City, USA



Sharma Climbing
Barcelona, Spain



Crux Climbing Gym
Osaka, Japan



Crux Climbing Gym
Osaka, Japan



The Competition

There’s nothing more “gripping” than watching the world’s best battle it out in a live climbing competition. The tension, the crowds, the awe-inspiring display of sheer skill and determination.

This is the first time a climbing competition has been simultaneously live streamed from MULTIPLE locations around the world. It’s also the first time YOU will have the opportunity to watch and climb the competition problems LIVE as they’re revealed. Ever watched a climbing competition and wanted to try the problems yourself? Perhaps you've even thought, ‘I bet I can top that..’. The chance will be yours, from 9 December onwards, on any MoonBoard with the MoonBoard Masters 2017 hold setup.

On the 8 December, we will reveal the new 2017/18 hold setup for the MoonBoard (The MoonBoard Masters 2017). Each of the five teams will have 1 hour to create two problems. Once this time has passed, the MoonBoards will be covered until the competition begins on 9 December.

Their aim is to challenge and outwit their fellow teams in order win the most points and be crowned MoonBoard Masters for 2017.

Climb the MoonBoard Masters Set

The new MoonBoard Masters 2017 set will be set with holds from the following sets: School Holds Set A; School Holds Set B; Original School Holds; and the NEW School Holds Set C; and Wood Holds Set A.

Details of where to set these holds on your MoonBoard will be released on the app on 8 December 2017.

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The MoonBoard is a standardised 40-degree bouldering training wall, designed by Ben Moon for climbers wishing to optimise their climbing performance in the simplest of environments. Plotted against a grid of lettered and numbered coordinates, each unique MoonBoard hold is rotated and set in a specific location.

Combined with the bluetooth-powered LED kit and the free MoonBoard app for iOS and Android, climbers can easily find, illuminate, create and share problems with fellow MoonBoard users, no matter what their location.

With thousands of MoonBoards available to climb around the world, the MoonBoard has become one of the most sought-after training systems for home users and commercial climbing gyms alike.

Buy your MoonBoard, MoonBoard Holds and Accessories at, or if you're feeling handy, find out how to build your own at

Login to your MoonBoard account online here, or view the new setup in the MoonBoard app. To refresh your available hold setups in the app, go to Settings, MoonBoard and at the bottom of the page, select'refresh hold setup'.